Julkaistu 18.4.2018

Tritanium –kompressiotuotteisiin luotetaan maailman huipulla

Swiss Corin Rüttimann is one of the biggest stars in women’s floorball. She was chosen third best player in the world last year and is one of the leading players in Switzerland’s national floorball team. She also has 4 World Cup medals as well as national championships from Sweden and Switzerland (x3) under her belt.

A while ago Corin started a collaboration with Finnish compression brand Tritanium and now she has had a privilege to benefit from wide range of eXtend Compression products. She uses the products widely in games, while training and recovery, as well as for traveling.

We got a chance to have a little chat with Corin just before the weekends Superfinal, let’s hear what she has to say.

1) What are your feelings about the forthcoming Superfinal on the weekend? Any excitement in the air perhaps?

- I’m really looking forward to the Superfinal. A game that decides everything. That’s the kind of game you train for. Dietlikon is a tough opponent, the game will hopefully be tight but at the end will tip over to our side.

2) Your last year has been a great success in all aspects. What about the future, for competitive mind there surely are even more goals to reach and achieve?

- The last year or season in Sweden was my most successful year and the years in Sweden were the years I learned and developed as a player most. Winning the gold medal in Sweden made my biggest dream come true. I am extremely grateful to have experienced this with IKSU. To move from Sweden to Switzerland should not be underestimated. The dimensions are extreme. I tried to keep up the speed from Sweden, but in my opinion unfortunately it is almost impossible to keep it up because you usually adjust to the circumstances. Of course I want to improve in every area, especially in the mental area I have an extremely potential. I always want to get a better player and I do my best to help the team as much as I can. If we should win the Swiss title this weekend, we are qualified for the Champion’s cup and it would be nice to achieve the final and there everything is possible.

3) For some time now, in collaboration with Finnish sports brand Tritanium, you have had a chance to use real graduated compression products while training, matches and recovery. What are your feelings about Tritanium compression products, i.e. do you think you have gained clear benefits from them? What is your favorite product and would you recommend Tritanium products to other players, too?

- The products were great. During the season i had some problems with my hamstrings and the Tritanium eXtend 3.0 compression tights helped me a lot to keep the muscle warm why this product also became my absolute favorite. I can actually recommend all the products I tried because they felt really comfortable as well as they helped by the recovery.This Sunday after the game it will be the first time I´m not going to wear the recovery clothes because I’m hopefully celebrating the victory ;)

4) How are you going to spend your well-earned summer holiday after the season ? Or, does the preparation and training for next season start immediately after ongoing season? Surely you’re going to continue using Tritanium products for training and recovery? :)

- After the season we have some games with the national team left and after that I need some time to get the head free. I think that we will get one month off from training. During the summer there is much time to train technic and i like as well to play some tennis or squash. Of course I’m going to use the Tritanium products, especially after the trainings. I like the material and it feels that my legs regenerate much faster. I would like to thank Tritanium that i got this opportunity and i recommend this products absolutely!

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